June is often thought of as “the wedding month” as young couples dream of a June wedding. But, June is also a very active month for PE renewals. Here’s the list.

COVID-19 has affected the engineering industry in many ways. In some states, license renewal requirements may change this year, and some state boards may even postpone renewal deadlines. In other states, no action has been taken yet. We have a recap of what has been announced so far. Check our COVID-19 & Your P.E. License Renewal post for the most up-to-date changes.

As you review these changes, bear in mind that some Boards have yet to set a policy change and still others may revise their rules further as the pandemic continues.

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If you’re in doubt about your renewal date, please check with your state licensing board.

Are you about to renew? Or, maybe you have a comment about your state’s renewal process … Let us know in the comments.